BRP Donates 50% of March/April Book Sales to UN World Food Program

The Basketful Relief Project (BRP) pledged 50% of book sales during the months of March/April to support the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis through the UN World Food Program, and the BRP has kept it’s promise. On May 3rd, the BRP donated $463.50 to this cause. This amount supplies six families of five for an entire month. The bulk of book purchases were the eBooks on sale at $0.99. It’s amazing how far a dollar can go! If you know of anyone who would like to join the launch team for The Zoe-Chai Seed, launching next month, just let me know. Together we can impact the world for good.

Here is an excerpt of the receipt letter from UNWFP:

To find out more about the BRP:

Purchase: The Pond of Reflection

Purchase: The Hyrax Song

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