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The Last Storyteller

Book Four in The Pearls of Wisdom Series
Stories Inspired by a Biblical Proverb

Fire Tests the Purity of Silver and Gold, but the Lord Tests the Hart.

Journee, a mouse princess and daughter of the Great Mouse-King, has a rebellious streak. When she and her companions, Abisai, Toby, Ethan, and Reijo, go on a midnight foray against her father’s wishes, they find trouble. Or do they? Their magical encounter deep within the enchanted Zoe-Chai orchard might be just what the kingdom needs to thwart a perilous threat of an alien bat army seeking the power of the Zoe-Chai tree. So now even though the kingdom has never known true war, the time has come for all its animals, great and small, to defend the Zoe-Chai tree, while Journee and her faithful companions must travel north to retrieve a magic elven staff, forged long ago to protect The Tree forever. Once with the elves, a surprise twist of fate awaits Journee, forcing her to face a zealous queen who looks much like herself. Who is she, really?

This adventure is a race against time. Can Journee and her friends find the staff before all is lost to a battle between good and evil—a battle of hearts, wits, and minds? Who will win in the end? Can love triumph over ambition? Only one thing is certain: Journee must choose her destiny on her own.

The Last Storyteller is the fourth book in  The Pearls of Wisdom Series: Stories Inspired by Biblical Proverbs.

The Last Storyteller is a children’s chapter book for ages 12 and up.

Where To Buy

The Last Storyteller published in July, 2023. It is now available on Amazon in eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook. It is also distributed by IngramSpark to online bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble.

Reviewed by Doreen Chombu for Readers’ Favorite, 2023

The Last Storyteller by Catherine Ann Russell is a children’s fantasy and the fourth book in The Pearls of Wisdom series. In a mythical animal kingdom, Princess Journee, a mischievous mouse, sneaks out of the palace with her friends. They venture into the enchanted Zoe-Chai orchard that provides everlasting food and nourishment. The group experiences a magical moment that gives them supernatural abilities and gifts. Little do they know that the Zoe- Chai tree is preparing them for a war that will see them utilize these powers to protect their people and fight their enemies. The Zoe-Chai tree gives the orchard life and acts as a portal that attracts beings who wish to use it for evil. The only way to seal the portal is by possessing a magical staff forged by the elves. Unfortunately, a swarm of bats drawn to the tree has arrived and is ready to invade the peaceful animal kingdom. Journee and her friends are tasked to retrieve the staff, but will they succeed? Get a copy and find out what happens.

Action, drama, and suspense, The Last Storyteller by Catherine Ann Russell will give you all this and more. Brave animals defending their land and a group of young warriors discovering themselves amid a war kept me glued to the story. I loved reading every intriguing chapter; from the opening scene to the final battle, I was captivated and in awe. Russell does a fantastic job of bringing each character to life. At the back, creative illustrations help us visualize these characters and scenes. This unique story features various animals and mythical creatures living in harmony but ruled by a Mouse King. His size does not matter because his fearless spirit makes him a great leader. Journee’s development and realization of her gift is a beautiful plotline. We all are gifted with talents and can choose to use them for good or evil. This story will teach children about love, hope, and never giving up.

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