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The Pearls of Wisdom Series

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Book Four, The Last Storyteller, just published! July, 2023



Pearls of Wisdom Series

Journee is no ordinary mouse but also a princess, daughter of the Great Mouse King who is incredibly wise and presides over a vast and beautiful kingdom. Not only does Journee love adventure, she loves having them with her best friends: Mr. Toad, Mr. Owl, Mr. Steed (The Pond of Reflection), and Mr. Hopper (The Hyrax Song). Always together, they can’t help but fall into all sorts of exploits. The kinds of adventure that test one’s heart, courage and wit. These escapades can be dangerous too, and threaten the entire kingdom, but often lead to making new friends. This fun-loving adventure fable series comprises stories inspired by a Biblical Proverb, where life’s virtues can be discovered just about anywhere throughout each book. Enjoy your visit to this glorious kingdom where talking animals are everything and the inside-out is always more important than the outside-in. As you follow their life journeys, you just might discover something new about yourself.

Children’s chapter books for ages 9 and up.

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