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Picco and Wren Three

Best Friends Bring Out Our Best

Wrens are born to sing! So, what do you do when you are a wren who can only squeak? Poor little Wren Three had this very problem. Though Mamma Wren and her other siblings, Wren One and Wren Two, loved her very much, Wren Three could not sing like they could. One day, Wren Three makes a new friend: Picco, the piccolo, and they soon share their talents with each other. Will Wren Three ever be able to sing? What could possibly turn Wren Three’s squeak into a song? Perhaps true friendship holds the key to success.

Get to Bed!

What Will It Take to Get You To Go To Bed?

One of the biggest challenges at the Bouncing Baby Farm is getting the animals to bed, especially on lovely summer evenings. Goats, ducks, and chickens simply do not cooperate. It takes so much time to say “goodnight” that an owl informs the owner that it will soon be dawning a new day. Regardless of critter shenanigans, all is well at the Bouncing Baby Farm. This delightful, fun poem will entertain kids and parents alike as a go-to bedtime story before they say, “Goodnight!”

The Little Book of Why

Kid’s Ask Tough Questions!

On a crisp winter day, Belle and her father, Ben, walk through the woods. The beauty around her awes her and inspires her curiosity, prompting the endless question of why. In his wisdom, Ben lets Belle explore her curiosity when, after awhile, Belle’s questions become increasingly difficult to answer. Questions like: Which came first, the chicken or the egg, and why? After a full day of fresh air and Belle’s questions, Ben finds himself contentedly also wondering why.

Children’s picture books for ages 1-7 and their parents.

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