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The Zoe-Chai Seed, Book Three in The Pearls of Wisdom Series: Stories Inspired by a Biblical Proverb

Reviewed by Bernadette Longu for Readers’ Favorite, 2022

The Zoe-Chai Seed (Pearls of Wisdom – Book 3) was written by Catherine Ann Russell and illustrated by Brooke Connor. What a wonderful way to teach children about loyalty and true friendship with a story about a kingdom of animals of all sorts who live harmoniously with each other and have a mouse for a king. The fact that the adventures are conducted by the king’s daughter Journee and that the king encourages her and helps her in the adventures with her friends is delightful. I like to think that it would encourage children to explore the world around them with the help of an adult with a lively imagination.

When I read it, I thought what a lovely book to share in schools and with grandchildren. The Zoe-Chai Seed by Catherine Ann Russell is well written for a young audience. Just before the journey to find

the wonderful seed gets too long, another adventure or mishap helps keep the attention of the young reader. The illustrations are wonderful, especially the map at the beginning of the book which is a delightful way for youngsters to trace the adventure of Princess Journee, Mr. Steed, Mr. Owl, Mr. Toad, and Mr. Hopper from the Locust Army. I found it a delightful story and really enjoyed it, especially the message it sends to each child that love and generosity of spirit are more important than many other things we think are important. Thank you for a lovely book for children. It is well worth reading, especially in a classroom, or on a cold winter’s afternoon to loved ones in front of a warm fire, sharing hot chocolate and marshmallows.

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