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Picco and Wren Three, a children’s picture book for ages 0-7 and their parents.

Reviewed by Keith Mbuya for Readers’ Favorite, 2022

Mama Wren was happy that her eggs had finally hatched to produce three lovely Wren chicks. Soon two of her chicks start singing, but Wren Three could only manage a funny squeak and it made her sad. One morning, Wren Three heard beautiful music coming from a window. She flew to the window and found a Piccolo playing his music. Wren Three and Piccolo soon became friends. Wren Three could then have fun, flying around with Piccolo on her back as he played his music. All the fun ended when something terrible happened to Piccolo while flying on Wren Three’s back. What happened to Piccolo and would Wren Three ever learn to sing? Find out more in Catherine Ann Russell’s Picco and Wren Three.

Catherine Ann Russell’s Picco and Wren Three will appeal to lovers of children’s adventure books. Catherine’s integration of the storyline with the colorful images by Janell E Robisch was amazing. It’s almost as if the images tell the story by themselves. The deep shades of color only make them even more enthralling. I loved the way that the author brings warmth to the words and images. The author’s choice of words will enrich your child’s vocabulary and improve their English. Catherine delivers the moral of the story in simple yet engrossing ways. From Wren Three’s determination to sing, kids can learn to persevere, be ambitious, disciplined, and perhaps most important of all, be patient. They will also learn to be sincere friends.

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