• What Makes a Successful Raffle?

    I’ve announced the January free-book-giveaways raffle for my new children’s chapter book: The Pond of Reflection. I haven’t heard from you yet, so I asked the critters on my farm, “what makes a successful raffle?” Well! They all gave me great advice, and I put their wisdom in a fun 2-min video. Take a look.…

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  • Free Full-Color Hardcover Book Raffle, Now!

    I’m announcing my raffle drawing for at least three, full color hardcover copies of my newly released children’s chapter book, The Pond of Reflection. This is about a $40 gift each from me to you. My goal is to reach 100 reviews on Amazon by the end of January. I’m asking you to: purchase the…

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  • The Pond of Reflection is Ranking on Amazon

    A thank you note to anyone out there who has seen the new release of The Pond of Reflection (2nd ed) and either bought the eBook on sale or passed it along to someone you think would be interested in getting this book for Christmas. Just wanted to keep you informed of the latest results…

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