Get To Bed!

You may not be the owner of the Bouncing Baby Farm, but you can certainly relate to one of its biggest challenges: getting the animals to bed. This delightful, fun poem will entertain kids and parents alike as a go-to bedtime story before they say, “Goodnight!”
Get to Bed! is a children’s picture book for ages 0-7 and their parents.

Get to Bed! 2nd edition, published October 21, 2022 on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in paperback and eBook, distributed by Ingram Spark Publishing to stores near you in hardcover and paperback.

Distributed by Ingram Spark

Get to Bed! 2nd edition

This book is rated
5 stars

  • Children’s Poetry
  • Children’s Duck Books

WHERE TO BUY Get to Bed! 1st edition
Get to Bed! 1st edition is currently available on Amazon and sold locally at Red Canyon Art in Lyons, CO, hardcover only. Hurry, stock is limited! This edition is no longer in print.

Get to Bed! 1st edition

Get To Bed! 1st edition video trailer, narrated by professional story-teller, Rachel Ann Harding. With a book purchase request a download link for the entire video for free!