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The first of three children’s picture books written for the Basketful Relief Project (BRP) published in September of this year and is available on Amazon in hard cover, soft cover, and eBook formats. Check out this cute story about an unlikely friendship between a young wren named Wren Three and Picco a piccolo. This book, called, Picco and Wren Three, written by Catherine Ann Russell and illustrated by Janell E Robisch, celebrates friendship, perseverance, and unconditional family love despite our differences. Geared for children ages baby to seven and their parents, Picco and Wren Three, will grace any library shelf as a go-to storybook so share quality time with your little loved one.

The other two children’s picture books, Get to Bed! and The Little Book of Why, publish later this month, October, and December, respectively.

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Best Friends Bring Out Our Best

Wrens are born to sing! So, what do you do when you are a wren who can only squeak? Poor little Wren Three had this very problem. Though Mamma Wren and her other siblings, Wren One and Wren Two, loved her very much, Wren Three could not sing like they could. One day, Wren Three makes a new friend: Picco, the piccolo, and they soon share their talents with each other. Will Wren Three ever be able to sing? What could possibly turn Wren Three’s squeak into a song? Perhaps true friendship holds the key to success.

Picco and Wren Three is a children’s picture book for ages 0-7 and their parents.

Proceeds from book sales support emergency famine relief for infants and children! Find out more at www.basketfulreliefproject.com

For meaningful quality time with your child, why not buy a copy today!

This book is rated
5 stars

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