May Book Signing at Lyons Library was a Fun Success

The book signing of both, The Pond of Reflection and The Hyrax Song, held at the Lyons Library, Saturday, May 21st, was a fun gathering. Not only were books sold at 15%-20% off, an additional 15% was donated to our partnership, the Lyons Vet Clinic, to their charity fund for fire-victim families for vet care of their pets.

It was a win-win for everyone, and a wonderful time. In addition to all this gift-giving from the event, 10% of the book signing income will go to support famine relief efforts around the world.

Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon!

Thanks again to the Lyons Regional Library who provided the space for the signing, as well as the Lyons Vet Clinic, the Basketful Relief Project’s partnership for the event.

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