Free Full-Color Hardcover Book Raffle, Now!

I’m announcing my raffle drawing for at least three, full color hardcover copies of my newly released children’s chapter book, The Pond of Reflection. This is about a $40 gift each from me to you. My goal is to reach 100 reviews on Amazon by the end of January. I’m asking you to:

  • purchase the eBook on Amazon while it is on sale for 99 cents this month, or “purchase” the free eBook on Kindle Unlimited if you use this platform to read books,
  • read it and
  • leave a review.
  • Then fire me an email telling me you have left your review and I will enter your name in the hardcover raffle.

I will announce the winners in February. Anyone game? I see this as a win-win-win. You definitely win because at the very least, you get a fun read for next to nothing and at the very most, a brand new full-color hardcover signed copy of this beautifully illustrated book. I win because I reach my goal of 100 reviews by the end of this month. And everyone wins because percent proceeds of your Amazon purchase supports emergency famine relief. Not bad!

Here’s the link to purchase the eBook:…/dp/B09N2TKLF7/

And Happy Reading!

Beautiful Illustrations by talented Brooke Connor, in The Pond of Reflection.

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