No One Can Eat Just One, But …

I’m a true believer in that there are not many people out there who really can eat just a single potato or corn chip. I certainly consider myself outside of this select crowd, especially after a long glorious day in the great outdoors, or while quaffing a beer on a lazy, hot summer afternoon.

Though it’s tough to keep from dipping the hand in the chip bag, my guess is that most of us could buy just one book, especially if knowing this single purchase would be joining other single purchases to help feed infants in critical need in Yemen.

Here at the Basketful Relief Project (BRP), this is exactly what we are asking you to consider: buy one of our children’s books to help feed a young tummy as well as a young mind. Maybe no one can eat just one chip, but nearly all of us can buy just one book!

Joining together as one big happy family of BRP book buyers, we can take a bite out of childhood hunger, (pun intended). Our goal is to increase the percentage of sale proceeds we donate to fight famine as we sell greater quantities of books, ultimately up to 80%.

Since we have recently launched the Basketful Relief Project (2019), we are focusing our donation dollars to help fight famine in Yemen. As we grow, we hope to expand our impact, locally and elsewhere around the world.

Perhaps you might be wondering, why not just donate directly to Yemen famine relief and not invest in a BRP children’s book? Great question. We certainly encourage you to donate directly to our Yemen fundraising page with Save the Children. We also hope you will consider buying one of our books because:

  • You will be receiving a beautiful children’s book that will bring lasting enjoyment
  • You will nurture a young mind
  • You will be participating in helping the famine crisis of infants and children in Yemen
  • You will be investing in a lasting foundation that will continue to sell children’s books to support famine relief efforts around the world for decades to come.
  • You will be partnering in a fun and creative way to fight hunger!

Perhaps you might be wondering, what is the current percent proceed going to Yemen famine relief from book sales? Great question. The Basketful Relief Project is currently donating 10% of book sales to our Yemen fundraising page with Save the Children. This amount will never decrease, but we hope it increases as soon as possible. The more books we sell, the more we will be able increase the proceed-percentage we donate.

Still considering? Check out this fun 3-min video highlighting the founding and mission of the Basketful Relief Project.

What is the Basketful Relief Project?

Perhaps you might be wondering, why Yemen? Great question. According to the UN, Yemen is in the world’s worst famine in a century and experiencing the world’s worst man-made humanitarian disaster.*

Six years of warring conflict have not been kind to the infants and children in Yemen. According to an article published in March on CNN, an estimated 47,000 people are likely to be living with “catastrophic” levels of food insecurity — or famine-like conditions — according to an analysis by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), the world’s authority on food security. A further 16 million are living in either “crisis” or “emergency” food security conditions, the analysis shows. That’s more than half of Yemen’s population.**

The situation is rapidly deteriorating because of funding cuts, decreased aid from other countries because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Saudi-led blockade that keeps provisions from reaching those in need. It’s difficult to grasp their reality where hundreds of food trucks are parked in a line, stretching for miles with no fuel to allow them to transport the necessary food and medical supplies to their destinations. Meanwhile, infants and children are dying from malnutrition and famine, every day.

As a world family, these infants are our infants too, and we can help. Consider making a single purchase of one of our BRP children’s books today.

Then maybe we can allow ourselves more than one chip to celebrate!

*Humanitarian crisis in Yemen remains the worst in … – UN News

**Famine has arrived in pockets of Yemen. Saudi ships blocking fuel aren’t helping

By Nima ElbagirBarbara ArvanitidisAngela Dewan, Nada Bashir and Yousef Mawry, CNN, Video by Alex Platt and Mark Baron, CNN

Updated 4:53 PM ET, Thu March 11, 2021

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